Birdwatching in North Jutland

Rain in Denmark regularly comes year-round, but especially this spring is being pretty wet. Therefore we can’t just stay home and wait for the landscapes to get dry.

What can I do under mild showers?” Certainly many things, but why not dare trying something new? Bad weather often results in good birding.

Vejlerne – North Jutland, Denmark

You don’t need to be a birder in order to have fun watching and identifying wild birds. When it rains, birds usually remain still, which means rainy conditions can make birds very approachable.

In Denmark, you can visit Vejlerne, Northern Europe’s largest bird sanctuary — a paradise of approx. 6.000 hectares for birds and bird watchers.

If you plan to visit North Jutland, we’ll be happy to host you in Aalborg or one of our summerhouses in Blokhus — just 45 minutes driving distance from Scandinavia’s largest contiguous reed forest. Vejlerne has extensive meadows and lakes with large populations of waterfowl.

Vejlerne – North Jutland, Denmark

Remember a pair of waterproof binoculars, dress for rainy weather, and pack some dry clothes for later. If you are patient enough, you might get a beautiful reward when the rain stops, as thousands of birds will fly away. Children will love it!

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